Boost Your International Business With a Transcreated Corporate Blog

Boost Your International Business With a Transcreated Corporate Blog

As a business owner hitting international markets and localizing your product, you have probably faced this question: should I translate my corporate blog, too? Or is that time and money wasted on something that's not even a core part of my website? No one will read it, anyway. 

The answer, however, is: yes, you should seriously consider it.

Here’s why, and here’s how you can get it done.

Benefits of Running a Corporate Blog

Professional blogs are the most powerful tools for content marketing and branding.

  • They're perfect for SEO, especially for longtail and question keywords. Want to expand upon your brand, strategies, or products, while still keeping your corporate website lean? Go for a blog. You’re 4x more likely to be found in organic searches and blogging can generate 3x more leads than ads. Long story short: Google loves blog content.

  • If your blog focuses on free user guidance, it contributes a great deal to a customer-centered image of your brand. Which is always good. Sharing is caring. It attracts both your existing customers and prospects.

  • While you mostly write about your business, you may want to add some tips and advice of a more general nature, so that users googling answers to various field-related questions land on your website, browse it, and get hooked with your products or services. This is a great opportunity for cross- and upselling, too.

  • By publishing professional insights on a regular basis, you demonstrate your proficiency. Show your audience you simply know your