What is intercultural communication training?

Decent language skills are not enough in international business. If you do not know a local culture and social context, you will possibly fail, behaving like a boor, or like a snob.

If you want to know what Polish small-talk is about or what business formal attire means in the Czech Republic, you might be interested in my international business communication training. 

The courses are dedicated for those who are planning to enter the Central European market, or who are already running a business here.

All courses may be held in Czech, Polish, or English language.    

Training includes:

  • introduction to multiculturalism 
  • introduction to intercultural business communication
  • general information on a cultural and social context of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Central Europe
  • basic cultural habits and local traditions
  • small talk 
  • dress code
  • dos and don’ts
  • crisis management

How to order?

Drop me a line and describe your situation and expectations. We will set up a free meeting or skype conversation to arrange the schedule and syllabus. 

How much is the training?

Hour rate is 2000 CZK + VAT per ad-hoc lesson. The price of the entire course is estimated on an individual basis.

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