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Boost Your International Business With a Transcreated Corporate Blog

As a business owner hitting international markets and localizing your product, you have probably faced this question: should my corporate blog translation be a part of my localisation strategy? Or is that time and money wasted on something that's not even a core part of my website? No one will read it, anyway.   The answer, however, is: yes, you should seriously consider it. Here’s why, and here’s how you can get it done. Benefits of Running a Corporate Blog Professional blogs are the most powerful tools for content marketing and branding. They're perfect for SEO, especially for longtail and question keywords. Want to expand upon your brand, strategies, or products, while still keeping your corporate website lean? Go for a blog. You’re 4x more likely to be found in organic searches and blogging can generate 3x more leads than ads. Long story short: Google loves blog content. If your blog focuses on free user guidance, it contributes a great…
Hanna Marciniak
5. 1. 2021
LocalizationMarket Expansion

How to Succeed with Your Localization Project

Are you a project owner, project manager, or developer? Follow these 6 simple rules to avoid common mistakes in localization projects.   Freelance localization specialist or big localization agency? Unless you are a multinational corporation with dedicated purchasing departments and processes, hiring a freelancer to localize your website or app is a great idea. Especially when you run a startup or a small-to-medium-sized business. Working with a freelancer: cuts costs (no middlemen = no fees) saves time and effort (lets you bypass some of the agency processes) is more personal (and personalized) However, there are some pitfalls I'd like to help you avoid.   1. Always Hire a Professional Translator Never assign a translation or localization project to a member of your team, be they a web developer or a marketing specialist. Even if they speak the target language, they simply... can't translate. Just as a translator can't write code. They wouldn't be able to tackle all the issues localization…
Hanna Marciniak
4. 1. 2021
Business Insights

The Language Industry Beyond COVID-19

After more than two months of lockdown, the COVID-related government restrictions in the EU are easing up. With businesses reopening and employees slowly returning to their offices, it's easy to believe: a return to business as usual in the language industry is just around the corner. But it's not. After this crisis, business as usual just won’t cut it. The game has changed too much. Don't let the change slip under your radar. Here’s the translation and interpretation industry’s post-COVID playbook. The impact of COVID-19 on the language industry It follows that the COVID crisis hit different sectors of the translation and interpretation industry in different ways. While the impact of social distancing measures on interpreters was immediate, with all events canceled early- or mid-March, translators have been successively absorbing the shock wave over the course of the pandemic. Some say the worst is yet to come. The translation business has run the gamut of crisis impact from low to high: Data source: European…
Hanna Marciniak
26. 5. 2020

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