What is transcreation?

Transcreation merges translation and copywriting. A transcreator conveys meanings and concepts of the source text to the target text, usually reworking it completely. The result must be:

  • appropriate in the context for which it is intended
  • catchy and enjoyable to read
  • performative, meaning it “makes” people do what the author intended them to do, which translates into buying the product

Let me be a linguist geek for a moment. There is that term connotation, which means a commonly understood cultural or emotional association that some words or phrases have, in addition to their explicit or literal meaning. I guess transcreation is all about transferring those connotations from one language to another.  

Putting this in layman’s terms: imagine spending a nice evening with people from around the world. You tell a joke originating in your native culture. What your intention is here, is making everybody laugh, not explaining what the joke is about, otherwise you will end up as a bore. You need to know the source as well as the target cultural context, so you do not fail, saying something inappropriate; plus, you must be a decent storyteller to hook your audience.

I transcreate content from English, Czech, and Polish language, into Polish and Czech.

What do you get transcreated rather than translated?

  • branding
  • advertising
  • press releases and other PR content
  • blog content
  • social media content

How to order a transcreation?

Send me your copy and describe your expectations: target language, target audience, purpose, medium (printed or digital). I will call you back to arrange the project. Please keep in mind that source and target texts may differ in terms of their scope and structure.

How much is transcreation?

Since transcreation involves more planning and researching than actual writing, I prefer hour rate, which starts from 1,500 CZK + VAT per hour. Contact me for further details.

Customer Testimonials

Paní Marciniak přeložila několik desítek příspěvků na náš firemní blog Whitepress.net. Články se v podstatě musely napsat znovu a přizpůsobit českému kulturnímu kontextu a trhu. Bez know-how v oblasti online marketingu, SEO nebo PR by si z toho čtenáři nic neodnesli. Články na blogu musí být čtivé, poutavé. Oba tyto požadavky se očividně podařilo splnit, protože náš blog v češtině má velkou návštěvnost.
Dorota Gryglak, projektová manažerka WHITEPRESS

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