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5 Benefits of Interpretation at Your Event

By 28. 5. 2024No Comments2 min read

It’s a fact: hiring professional conference interpreters and providing technique costs big money. Just as providing a venue, catering, and paying speakers do. Still, event holders tend to be thrifty about interpreting services.

Don’t go that way. Interpretation of your event will bring you major tangible benefits.


1. Full Understanding

Everybody speaks English, right? Czechs understand Polish decently, don’t they?

Sure, some of them do! But add some complex, field-specific terminology, an unusual accent, puns, or a super-fast speaker, and most of them will happily reach for their headsets.

This is when a highly skilled interpreter is essential.

They give the audience the exact meaning of what has been said, as well as help them understand why it has been said so, analyzing internal links in the speech. They try to convey the tone of voice. They provide basic cultural mediation, if required.


2. Active Participation

If your event covers a Q&A session, discussion, or workshop, having it interpreted will help you fully engage your participants.

Many people are only fully comfortable when speaking their native language, be it because of their insufficient skills or mere shyness. Once feeling self-conscious, they focus on the very act of speaking in public instead of the matter they’re bringing up.

Care for interesting insights from the audience? Hire an interpreter.


3. A Feeling of Appreciation

Providing interpreting services for your international conference sends a clear message to the participants: you are being cared for and your attendance is appreciated. No matter what your language skills are, we want you to get the most of the event.

Appreciation and recognition are the core values upon which your business relations are built.

This holds particularly true for events dedicated to lower management.


4. Efficient Networking

A conference interpreter is rarely available “out of the booth,” as they desperately need some breaks (food, drink, fresh air, and quiet) between the presentations.

However, if you have a special guest attending your event, you may want to talk to them during the break or even arrange an extra, after-hours meeting.

Let the interpreter help you feel more confident when talking to your potential business partner or future speaker. Just don’t forget to ask for the extra service beforehand.


5. More Business Opportunities

The previous four points bring us to the main benefit: if you provide professional interpreting services for your international event, you will considerably increase your chances of getting something back out of it! You’re looking at valuable contacts, more publicity, or a new business contract.

All in all, it’s really worth every cent invested.